5 Reasons to Try iBooks Author in the Classroom

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Apple’s iBooks Author application is an amazingly powerful (free) tool that’s changing the way students learn and teachers tech.

Thanks to this wonderful program, it’s never been easier to create and publish your very own interactive textbooks – or really any type of book for that matter. Here are 5 reasons why you should try iBooks Author in your classroom:

If you’re looking for a full iBooks Author feature tour, we wrote a detailed guide you can check out here

1. Easy To Learn Quickly

If you’ve used any of Apple’s other iWork applications (Pages, Keynote, Numbers etc.), you already know how to use iBooks Author. The interface and toolbars are almost identical so you’ll feel right at home as you start creating your book. But even if you’re completely new to using these applications, Apple’s focus as a company on intuitive user interfaces makes these products easy to use – and iBooks Author is no exception. Adding text,keynote presentations, photos, videos, and other interactive elements is literally “drag-and-drop” simple. This short learning curve makes it a no-brainer for any classroom and grade level.

2. Collaborative

Creating a book is no small feat. Just think about all the things you have to do: research, content creation, design, edit…the list could go on. But this makes it the perfect collaboration tool for students to get behind. The nature of a digital format is also incredibly powerful because a book can be updated quickly and easily. Is something missing from that first draft? Could you make the book even better with some new video? What if you added some review questions? Students will surprise and delight each other with all the possibilities available to them.

3. Interactive Is Cool

Apple knows their audience – interactivity is just cool.

…these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could.

Apple (iBooks Author)

Clickable images, video, 3D objects, and interactive galleries are just a few of the magical elements available to you in iBooks Author. When you create an interactive book with iBooks Author, you create something more than just a book – you create an experience.

4. Custom Made

With iBooks Author, you can create the perfect book – for you. Upload your own images, add the text you feel is important, include more review questions on a particularly difficult section, or record your own voice or video. This is an opportunity for teachers and students alike to create a book that is not only unique, but tailor-made.

5. Rewarding

There’s no doubt about it, seeing your work displayed in the iBookstore for everyone to see is such a rewarding experience. Your students are published authors! Now they can share their work with friends and family (or the rest of the world for that matter).

iBooks Author in the Classroom

Here is a great blog post on one teachers experience with iBooks Author in the classroom (with a curriculum included). And if your students don’t have iPads, iBooks can also be read on desktop or laptop computers with the latest operating system, Mavericks, installed.

Have you tried iBooks Author?

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