8 Amazing Examples of iBooks Author in Action

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iBooks Author: Not Just for Textbooks

ibooks author demo example booksThink iBooks Author is just for textbooks? Think again.

Well-known publishers, independent authors, and everyday people are using iBooks Author to create all kinds of amazing multi-touch books.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite examples (with demo video links) of how iBooks are being used outside of education to transform traditionally static content into an entirely different experience. Get inspired by these unique iBooks Author examples and create your own!

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8 Innovative Uses For iBooks Author


interactive brochure ibooks authorWant to save money and go green? Use iBooks Author to turn any brochure, marketing material, or manual into a more captivating experience for your audience.

Hillsdale College Admissions lowered its print and distribution costs while increasing its touch-points for prospective students when they turned over a dozen different marketing brochures into a single interactive iBook. “It’s basically a self-guided tour of the different facilities on campus,” Director of Admissions Jeff Lantis said.

Instead of having a handout for financial aid, one for sports, one for Greek life, it’s all represented in the iBook, and each page is very interactive with slideshows and videos,” co-creator Jon Lewis said.

A favorite feature amongst those who have viewed the iBook is the interactive map.  Instead of just viewing a map that names each building, the iBook reader can click on any building on the map and is given a 3D panoramic shot where they can zoom in any direction to tour the grounds.

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interactive wedding albumLet’s face it: You’ve probably got thousands of digital photos and videos sitting in a folder on your desktop you haven’t seen since you uploaded them.

Sure, you’ve shared a few on social networks, email or text messages, but most of them just pile up on your phone and your computer never to be seen again.

What if you could relive your most cherished moments with a multi-touch photo album?

That’s exactly what Ben and Christine Bradshaw did with their wedding photos. iBooks Author helps you turn your travel photos, family gatherings, or any significant life events like the birth of a child or a graduation ceremony into a fully interactive experience you can share with anyone.

Here’s another photo album we created in less than 9 Minutes using our Photo Essay Template.

You could turn your travel photos, family gatherings, or any significant life events like the birth of a child or a graduation ceremony into a fully interactive experience that you can share with anyone.

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create a ibook for your businessTurn your favorite hobby — like origami or photography — into a fun, instructional multi-touch book for your friends and family to enjoy. Who knows, it might be something you could turn into a business.

That’s exactly what David Sparks, a lawyer by training, did when he decided to start charging for his field guides.

Now on his fifth book, Presentations, David took what was a hobby and turned it into a profitable business.

Here’s a video of another example called Interactive Listening, a training book for music:

With iBooks Author you can transform traditional training materials into dynamic books that help you communicate more effectively with your reader.

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iBooks author charity demo bookNeed to raise awareness for a worthy cause on a budget? iBooks Author can help you create an emotional connection with your audience and prospective donors in a way printed materials never could.

Combine photos and videos with important information and facts to make readers feel like part of the cause – no matter where they are in the world.

That’s what world famous photographer Anne Geddes did when she created Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease.

 Looking to raise awareness by creating your own interactive book? These templates can help!).










recipe book ibooks authorFinally, we’ll actually be able to follow the instructions!

Any ambiguity you may have had between ‘chopping’ or ‘dicing’ a vegetable can be easily erased by the inclusion of a short demo video, pop-up windows allow readers to quickly view recipe tips and variations without cluttering up the page, and an interactive widget emails you a shopping list based on the recipes you selected.

With iBooks Author, cookbooks just got a whole lot easier to follow.

 Looking create your own interactive cookbook? These templates can help!).











yearbook made with ibooks authorImagine watching a video of a graduation time lapse showing the school stadium filling with graduates and attendees, while the user listens to “Mighty Bruins”, the school’s fight song. A yearbook like that could literally transport you back in time.

Static images on the printed page look lifeless when compared to stunning videos, interactive image galleries, and behind-the scenes stories found in a digital yearbook.

 Looking create your own interactive educational books? These templates can help!).










build a book, photo ibook, photo book template, ibooks author demoWant to really make an impression in that job interview? Send your prospective employer your own personal iBook showcasing a portfolio of your work. Whether its photos, journalism, digital design or even Web sites, iBooks Author helps your work stand out from the crowd.

The video above was created using our Photo Book Template. You can see more detail about the template here.

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ibooks author demo reportTired of boring reports, project proposals, or student papers? iBooks can breathe life into any science fair project, job presentation, or event program.

With iBooks Author, students can create their own learning materials and then teach each other. A manager can engage his employees by putting his presentation in an iBook they can tap through on their own device. Immersive event guides combine vital information with utility, and keeps event participants updated on event happenings.

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Hopefully these examples inspired some ideas of your own.

Now it’s your turn…

What will you create?

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