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The New iBooks Author

Apple just released the newest version of its book publishing application iBooks Author, and it’s chock full of new features. Here’s what’s new: Updated version here. New in iBooks Author Landscape and Portrait Templates Just like other iWork programs, iBooks Author comes with a variety of different

Design is Marketing

We can thank people like Steve Jobs for this design-focused marketplace. Jobs, among others, trained people to expect products that not only deliver on their promised function, but look great and feel great too. He called this “magical”; we call it great design. We live in the era

Design: Hire a Pro vs. DIY vs. Templates

Great book design is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have as a self-published author. “If you can’t be there in person (with an eBook, for example), the energy you get from great design really matters.”     –Seth Godin Great design can take your content

The Best Commencement Speech All Creative People Should Hear

This is some of the best advice we’ve ever heard from an author. Whether you’re just starting out or neck deep in the game, Neil Gaiman delivers a thought-provoking, actionable, and thoroughly entertaining commencement speech that will have you sharing his wisdom in no time. This should

Introduction to iBooks Author Templates

Hello readers and welcome to the iBooks Author Templates Blog! We created this site because we want to help authors like you become published. We know that one of the biggest pain points in the publishing process is design and delivery of your creation, which is why