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This is an excerpt from our ebook: The Definitive Guide to Launching a Successful eBook. Fear is a funny thing. It comes up when we feel uncomfortable and there’s nothing more uncomfortable for a lot of folks than putting your work out there and asking people to buy

iBooks Author Goes Beyond Novels and Textbooks

When iBooks Author launched last year, most people were talking about textbooks and novels. In fact, that’s how Apple pitched it at it’s demo debut. But iBooks Author is capable of so much more… Imagine a sales rep visiting a client and using the iPad to show

Your Market Just Got Bigger

Authors, teachers, students – and anyone who reads, for that matter – get ready: iBooks has come to the Mac.   Finally, you’ll be able to read any of Apple’s 1.8 million iBookstore titles right from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer. For the last

Add Polish to Your Design: How to Use Shadows

Shadows add that little bit of extra polish that can make your design really stand out from the crowd. They help to draw attention to an element by raising it off the page and giving it a more ‘real-life’ appeal. Shadows can be used for both fonts and

$150,000 in Less Than a Year – Nathan Barry Tells You How

In less than a year, Nathan Barry has sold over $150,000 in self-published books. Did we mention, he’s also a first-time author who started with absolutely no audience to speak of? Pretty amazing, right!? So how did he do it? He’ll tell you in his new book,

Learn How To Write, Publish, & Market Your eBook (Free Guide)

In our new guide you’ll learn how to:    Avoid the #1 eBook killer Research & choose a topic in under 30 minutes Powerful tips to help you write more efficiently A comprehensive detailed strategy to design, publish, and market your eBook. Oh, and it’s absolutely FREE!     Download Your