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8 Amazing Examples of iBooks Author in Action

iBooks Author: Not Just for Textbooks Think iBooks Author is just for textbooks? Think again. Well-known publishers, independent authors, and everyday people are using iBooks Author to create all kinds of amazing multi-touch books. Below you’ll find some of our favorite examples (with demo video links) of how

Create an Interactive iBook in Less Than 9 Minutes

How to Create an Interactive iBook in Less than 9 Minutes In less time than it takes you to boil an egg, you can literally create your very own iBook. The video below shows you the exact steps to create a fully interactive iBook in less than

Working with Landscape and Portrait Orientation in iBooks Author

When you create your book in iBooks Author, one of the most important features to understand is Page Orientation. When viewing a book on the iPad there are two choices for orientation: landscape and portrait. For readers, there are some differences when viewing a book in each

How to Create The Perfect eBook Landing Page

Our friends over at Formstack created a great infographic about landing pages we thought we’d share with you authors out there. Of course, this isn’t an exact “science” and you should feel free to get as creative as you want. These are just some best practices for

Add Polish to Your Design: How to Use Shadows

Shadows add that little bit of extra polish that can make your design really stand out from the crowd. They help to draw attention to an element by raising it off the page and giving it a more ‘real-life’ appeal. Shadows can be used for both fonts and

Surprise! First Impressions Matter

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point: a) You click on a link to a website b) After a quick glance you already know you’re not interested, c) So you click ‘back’ and head elsewhere. How did you make that snap judgment? Did you really read

iBooks Author Resources (You’ll Want to Bookmark These)

Happy New Year to you, authors! As 2013 kicks off, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make this year the year you publish. Some incredible things are going to happen this year in the world of digital publishing and we’ve got some

Design is Marketing

We can thank people like Steve Jobs for this design-focused marketplace. Jobs, among others, trained people to expect products that not only deliver on their promised function, but look great and feel great too. He called this “magical”; we call it great design. We live in the era