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Design Basics: Visual Hierarchy

No design can fix terrible content. Period. But with great content, you can use beautiful design to engage your readers. Design strengthens communication. Design exists to support content and deliver your ideas with greater clarity, insight, and engagement. If potential readers don’t understand why they should buy

Surprise! First Impressions Matter

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point: a) You click on a link to a website b) After a quick glance you already know you’re not interested, c) So you click ‘back’ and head elsewhere. How did you make that snap judgment? Did you really read

Design: Hire a Pro vs. DIY vs. Templates

Great book design is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have as a self-published author. “If you can’t be there in person (with an eBook, for example), the energy you get from great design really matters.”     –Seth Godin Great design can take your content