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8 Amazing Examples of iBooks Author in Action

iBooks Author: Not Just for Textbooks Think iBooks Author is just for textbooks? Think again. Well-known publishers, independent authors, and everyday people are using iBooks Author to create all kinds of amazing multi-touch books. Below you’ll find┬ásome of our favorite examples (with demo video links) of how

Create an Interactive iBook in Less Than 9 Minutes

How to Create an Interactive iBook in Less than 9 Minutes In less time than it takes you to boil an egg, you can literally create your very own iBook. The video below shows you the exact steps to create a fully interactive iBook in less than

5 Reasons to Try iBooks Author in the Classroom

Apple’s iBooks Author application is an amazingly powerful (free) tool that’s changing the way students learn and teachers tech. Thanks to this wonderful program, it’s never been easier to create and publish your very own interactive textbooks – or really any type of book for that matter.