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Free iBooks Author Resource Kit

Get the Free iBooks Author Resource Kit ✔︎  iBooks Author Guided Tour ✔︎  How-To Articles, Videos & Tutorials ✔︎  iBookstore Pre-Publishing Checklist ✔︎  How to Write, Publish & Market Your Book ✔︎  3 Premium iBooks Author Sample Templates ✔︎  How to Publish Your Book Outside the iBookstore

8 Amazing Examples of iBooks Author in Action

iBooks Author: Not Just for Textbooks Think iBooks Author is just for textbooks? Think again. Well-known publishers, independent authors, and everyday people are using iBooks Author to create all kinds of amazing multi-touch books. Below you’ll find some of our favorite examples (with demo video links) of how

Working with Landscape and Portrait Orientation in iBooks Author

When you create your book in iBooks Author, one of the most important features to understand is Page Orientation. When viewing a book on the iPad there are two choices for orientation: landscape and portrait. For readers, there are some differences when viewing a book in each

iBooks Author Goes Beyond Novels and Textbooks

When iBooks Author launched last year, most people were talking about textbooks and novels. In fact, that’s how Apple pitched it at it’s demo debut. But iBooks Author is capable of so much more… Imagine a sales rep visiting a client and using the iPad to show