Create an Interactive iBook in Less Than 9 Minutes

How to Create an Interactive iBook in Less than 9 Minutes

In less time than it takes you to boil an egg, you can literally create your very own iBook. The video below shows you the exact steps to create a fully interactive iBook in less than 9 minutes.

Create an Interactive iBook in Less Than 9 Minutes

Multimedia Resources

The magic of iBooks Author comes from the ability to easily add interactive elements to your book. Here are some great resources to help create and add media to your projects:

Download the free iBooks Author application here.

Photos: Flickr Creative Commons
Discover a treasure trove of images from leading cultural institutions and photographs from Flickr users worldwide.

Maps: National Geographic Maps
Customize maps for specific lessons that you can include in books for your class for free.

3D Images: SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse
Create your own 3D illustrations with SketchUp or choose from millions of 3D models in SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse.

Video: Wikimedia Commons
Explore a large repository of public domain and freely-licensed media from a wide range of professional and amateur sources.

Education: PBS LearningMedia
Access thousands of free teaching resources aligned to common learning standards that you can download and reuse.

Good luck with the writing!

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