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Derek Sivers is a programmer who lost his stage fright by doing more than 1,000 gigs as a circus ring leader. Needless to say, he has some unique approaches to doing things. That’s probably also the reason he sold his extremely successful business in a most unusual fashion:

Sivers sold CD Baby to Disc Makers in 2008 for what Sivers has reported to be $22 million, bequeathing, upon Sivers’ death, the principal to a charitable trust for music education.; while alive, according to Sivers, it “pays out 5% of its value per year to me.”

Hardly the typical behavior we see from some business founders these days. Business aside, Derek runs a wonderful blog over at that is worth a read. In one of his latest blog posts, he describes another one of his unusual tactics: how he hacks procrastination.

We all do it. And when we do it, we often feel guilty about it which often times simply causes more procrastination. It’s a vicious cycle. So how do we stop it? Derek suggests “change and to or.” What does that mean? He explains in his blog post:

“When do you go running?”

“When the time is right.”

“When is the time right?”

“When it’s a nice day, and I’ve finished my work, and I haven’t just eaten, and I’m feeling energetic.”

“Repeat that last sentence, changing ‘and’ to ‘or’.”

“When it’s a nice day, OR I’ve finished my work, OR I haven’t just eaten, OR I’m feeling energetic.”

“That sounds like a better plan.”

Got a list of conditions you need satisfied before you do something?

Try changing and to or.

We think that’s pretty great advice. So how do you beat procrastination? Share your stories in the comments!

Happy Writing,

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