Two Months & $30,000 in eBook Sales (What You Can Learn From Jarrod Drysdale)

Jarrod Drysdale recently broke five figure sales for his new ebook. But here’s the kicker: he did it in just two months. This is also his first eBook.

In his latest blog post, he reveals the numbers and the strategies he used to create this kind of success. While not a complete list of actionable items, he does cover a few key principals that are often over-looked or not considered at all by most authors. In another guest post, he analyzes his pricing strategy and explains how he made more money with fewer sales. Did we mention we agree with a lot of his advice in our new FREE Guide to Self-Publishing?

Hopefully this puts a little fire in your belly to get that eBook out into the world. Could you be the next Jarrod Drysdale story? You’ll never know unless you put yourself out there!

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